The Making of a Great Project Part 3: Installation

*We do want to note that due to supply chain shortages, lead times are taking 2-3 times (?) longer than normal. This is a general idea of how long the installation will take, but a variety of trades have been impacted due to COVID-19, so you are going to want to talk directly to your team to find out how long your specific project installation will take!

Living room with light blue chairs, white fireplace, and gold accents

The last and final step to completing your project is of course the installation. This is the most exciting time for clients, but to be honest, one of the most stressful parts for the designer. All the trades have completed their pieces of the puzzle and now its time to make the design come to life with furnishings, decor, and soft goods i.e., curtains, rugs, pillows. Beds are made, pillows are fluffed, art is hung, and at the end you have a room or house that is ready to be lived in.

office with blue geometric ceiling, clear chairs, and large round blue ottoman

The first step of install is ,ideally, to get the clients out of the house. I know many of you would love the idea of seeing your room or house come to completion in front of your eyes but this process is more of a dance between me and my install team. Doors are left open so movers can easily access rooms but for pets, that might be an issue. That is why we encourage you to support us in this process by disappearing and letting us work as secret interior design elves for your Christmas Day! 

Dining room with blue walls, silver chandelier, dark wood table and upholstered chairs

As items are brought into the house they are unpacked, inspected, and assembled, overseen by me or another member of my team. We are steaming linens, styling shelves, rolling out rugs, and curating other accessories within each room to bring it to completion. I dub myself as a “floater”, overseeing each room, making sure furniture is placed in correct locations, and if problems need to be addressed, I am right there with a solution. 

Light gray kitchen cabinets with white countertop and simple black light fixture over counter

This is what a typical install day could look like:

  • The team arrives bright and early. Everyone introduces or re-introduces themselves. Caffeine is a MUST.
  • Team meeting. A game plan is set and after I make sure everyone knows what they are doing and what to expect, I give the green light to get started! Rugs and large furniture go in first to set the stage for styling. 
  • Lunch break- we need to keep our team happy and healthy! During this time we create punch lists of any loose ends that need to be adjusted or bought and make sure we are all on the same page ahead of the reveal. 
  • Get back to grinding! This usually means more heavy lifting, i.e., more furniture!

These are long days, sometimes running over to the next day (and sometimes the next day and the next day). Installs can take up to a week and in those 5 days we are using every moment of our time. The first day is wallcovering, then drapery, followed by furniture, accessories and styling. 

Small living room with light blue chair, beige couch, and wooden coffee table

We take installation days very seriously. From hiring white glove movers to removing tags or even sitting on your new couch to make sure there is perfect distance between said couch and coffee table so you can put your feet up, we do it all! We cannot wait to install for you, call us for your next project! 

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