Color Palattes and Creating the Perfect Mix

Color drives a lot of what we do as interior designers and is a starting point in a lot of conversations we have with clients. I learn from them what it is that inspires, hones, and shapes their way of living. And it’s within these conversations, when swatches start swirling around the table, where we land on a color palate. This palate will drive everything that we do and the decisions we make about texture, size, shape and location of specific pieces. It can influence the type of art we display to the viening in countertop slabs. Here is our process. 

Bedroom with two beds and a dresser in between, large anchor on adjacent wall

Even when my designs boast my unconditional love for one our planet’s most sacred elements, water, I will rely on neutrals to lay a foundation that correctly displays my most favorite cobalts, royals, and navys.

gray couch in front over dark wood staircase and dark brown table with lamp on it

We have our warm neutrals: beiges, taupes, creams, blushes, and warm whites and our cool neutrals: grays, blacks, and cool whites. Within these five hues, a multitude of different tints, tones and shades exist. I will typically use these neutral colors in my selections of flooring, cabinetry, tile work, drapery, and furniture.

white, blush and cream ribbon gray, black and white ribbon

When this foundation is laid, I will infuse my design with pops of color here or there…or everywhere. Throw pillows, accent lights, wall elements, linens, and rug selections are typically where you will see vibrancy gradually start to play its role within the design of a room or house. 

large round mirror on dark paneled wall. Table underneath mirror with orange stool.

When all is said and done, the selections are made, and the styling is settled on, your project should have the perfect mix of neutrals and vibrant colors that successfully incorporate style, function, and timelessness.

Living room with two blue couches placed opposite of each other in front of white fire place. Dark brown paneled walls and a natural fiber rug. orange stool in middle

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