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Countertops: The Good, The Better, and the Best

Countertops. One of the buzziest topics in the design industry. Options can feel endless and the pros and cons of each can make it really difficult for the average consumer to choose a product right for them. Fortunately, we are here to help! We will walk you through products, prices, and pros and cons of […]

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Color Palattes and Creating the Perfect Mix

Color drives a lot of what we do as interior designers and is a starting point in a lot of conversations we have with clients. I learn from them what it is that inspires, hones, and shapes their way of living. And it’s within these conversations, when swatches start swirling around the table, where we […]

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Layering: Trade Secrets For A Fabulous Home

Have you ever looked at a picture of a home or walked through a room and thought “I don’t know what it is about this space but I love it” or maybe, “I would’ve never put those two fabrics together, how did she know they would work?”. Well the answer is somewhat simple: Layering. This […]

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The Making of a Great Project Part 3: Installation

*We do want to note that due to supply chain shortages, lead times are taking 2-3 times (?) longer than normal. This is a general idea of how long the installation will take, but a variety of trades have been impacted due to COVID-19, so you are going to want to talk directly to your […]

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The Making of a Great Project Part 2: The Design Process

Even though some days my studio may look out of sorts; prints strewn, fabric samples covering every inch of the floor,etc., I promise there is a method to my madness! And today I’ll walk you through what’s called the design process: how visions are turned into reality in 5 steps.  Programming In the initial stage […]

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The Making of a Great Project Part 1: A Great Team

So you’re designing the house of your dreams…Let’s start with the (somewhat) obvious, you can’t do this alone! You may think you can and be motivated to, but the reality is, it is more difficult than you might imagine. A successful project always starts with one thing, a great team. Your dream space will come […]

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Designer vs. Decorator: A Fundamental Difference

What makes a design project different from a decorating project? What makes an interior designer different from an interior decorator? For some, when they hear the words interior designer, their minds immediately jump to their most recent HGTV room makeover show that they binged. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good before-and-after, but there […]

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