Erin Paige Pitts Interiors specializes in the design of entire homes or rooms. Our strength is in new construction or major renovations, designing the entire space from the initial concept/inspiration to the very last detail.  We believe our homes are the reflection of the owner, not the designer.  We will work closely with you, your architect and builder to execute the interior vision we have collectively designed that represents your goals and dreams. In the event, you own a house that doesn’t need any renovation just redecoration, we are happy to work on those types of decorating projects as well.

Here is an overview of how the process works:

STEP 1: Initial Contact and phone interview

Fill out an information request on our contact page. We’ll then send you an overview of our services & fees. If you like what you see, we’ll set up a phone consultation to find out about your project and needs, and to introduce you to our company. This first conversation is about mutually determining if we’d like to work together on the project. We’ll discuss your project scope and desired budget, the design process, our fees, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

STEP 2: In Person Project Interview

If based on our phone interview, we appear to be good fit, we will arrange an in person interview. At this meeting we will review blueprints for new construction or renovation projects.  In the event the project is redecorating your existing home, we will assess your current interior and discuss what changes and additions you have been considering. We will review a draft version of our contract and the scope of services and associated fees. We’ll review the functions your home will need to fulfill for you and your desired style and so that we can create the environment that best suits your lifestyle.


We will develop a design concept for your home.  The design concept is based on a combination of what we have learned from you at our kick off meeting which I call the “download” and our own creativity. We will present our design concept through Design presentation boards which have fabric, paint, samples and other materials we recommend, and colored and rendered floorplans and design intent elevations of feature walls. At this point, the design is tweaked and/or approved into a final design plan.


Once you’ve approved the final design, furnishings and materials, we move into the project management and implementation phase of the project.  In construction projects, we start by generating building schedules and distribute them to the architect and builder.  We then start the process of pricing of furnishings.   We will provide you a by room detailed pricing proposal for approval.  Once approved, we begin the ordering process, and all work is scheduled. If your project is a new build or a renovation, this is the part where the concept of your home begins to take shape and become a reality. Rest assured, during this phase we are  working diligently behind the scenes to make sure all of your goods are fabricated and arrive as planned. We are also available for your builder to answer any questions and check in on your project site as needed.


When your space is ready and all of your furnishings have arrived at the receiving warehouse, we oversee the white glove installation of everything for you. We attempt to do this in one installation but sometimes it can be in a few smaller installation.